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Red Legion Consulting Services

Corporate Security Consulting

Red Legion understands that your company assets and employees are extremely valuable and key to your business success. A regular assessment of vulnerabilities should be a part of any responsible corporation. Go to our website and get maquinas tragamonedas gratis zeus. Hurry up to go and start winning.

Maritime Security Consulting

Red Legion’s Anti-Piracy team are adept in the most current, intelligence grounded counter terrorist tactics in high threat environments. Embed a team of operators on your vessel for high risk shipping or recreation lanes. Most win-win casino book of ra classic kostenlos spielen! Have the ability to collect your earnings!

Security Capabilities Enhancement

Red Legion stands ready to provide various specialized capabilities that you may want to offer your clients, including but not limited to K9 units, trauma medics or fall back alternative communications.

Security Development & Implementation

Evolving organizations require development & implementation of a sound security program. RL’s logistical consulting team has the experience to implement security measures & address all of your security concerns.

  • Security Consulting of Electric Power Facilities
  • Water Supply Security Consulting
  • Security Consulting of Nuclear Power Plants
  • Oil Refinery Security Consulting
  • Motorcade Security Services

Pragmatic Security Development

In a post 9/11 world, federal and municipal infrastructures will always be in the cross hairs of terrorist organizations. This is a challenge that can only be combated by enhanced training and education. Red Legion Security Force is uniquely equipped to take on these challenges head on by way of pragmatic security development. This is not only the responsible course of action for the common wealth but an absolute necessity in this new era of terrorism.

Potential Causes of Infrastructure Failure

Critical infrastructure is vital for essential functioning of a country. Incidental or deliberate damage will have serious impact on the economy as well as providing essential services to the communities it serves. There are a number of reasons why infrastructure needs to be heavily secured and protected.

  • Information warfare: — private person hacking for private gain or countries initiating attacks to glean information and also damage a country’s infrastructure.

  • Natural disaster Recovery: — hurricane or natural events, which damage critical infrastructure such as oil pipelines, water and power grids.
    Terrorism: — person or groups deliberately targeting critical infrastructure for political gain. In the November 2008 Mumbai attacks, the Mumbai central station and hospital were deliberately targeted.
    Sabotage: — person or groups such as ex—employee, political groups against governments, environmental groups in defense of environment

Infrastructure Pragmatic Consulting

  • Maritime Security
  • Security Capabilities Enhancement
  • Security Development & Implementation

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